Evident AI Innovation Roundtable

Wednesday 2 August

The North American banks are setting the bar for in-house research and development, steps ahead of their European peers. However, it could be argued that the calibre of this research is not yet at the level of the world’s leading technology companies.

This virtual roundtable will highlight key findings from the inaugural Evident AI Innovation Report for Banks, including topics such as the developments of in-house AI research teams; the pros and cons of patents; how leading banks are engaging with academia and the open source ecosystem; and addresses long-standing questions about when to ‘build’ and when to ‘buy’.

Joined by Angelique Augereau (former Chief Analytics Officer at CapitalOne) and Jeremy Palmer (Senior Partner and Global Co-leader, QuantumBlack Labs, AI by McKinsey), we will look at what banks are doing to innovate faster and compete in the AI race.

Evident CEO Alexandra Mousavizadeh speaking at the Evident AI launch event.

By attending you will have a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts in the AI ecosystem, AI researchers and banking leaders.

This event coincides with the release of the inaugural Evident Innovation Report.

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